Mushcakes vs Pancakes

February 17, 2007

During a recent breakfast at The International House of Pancakes, I was unpleasantly reminded that not all pancakes are created equally. For too often what is offered as a pancake is actually a mushcake. On that day, my local IHOP was serving mushcakes.

What is the difference? Many of you already know — body and bubbles. A mushcake lacks both. Slice a bite out with your fork and look at the edges. A mushcake is doughy and formless, whereas a pancake will not have collapsed. A real pancake proudly remains uncrashed with nice solid bubble cross-sections providing form and body.

Perhaps the flavor of a mushcake is close to that of a pancake. I do not know for certain; my mouth is too busy rejecting the moist, mealy texture of mushcake to really judge flavor well. It is not just an undercooked pancake, there is some problem more fundamental. The pancake gods were not pleased; who knows?